Deep Breath

It’s been over a week since I got the Dell back. It’s still going strong except for the issue where the touchpad stops working when the laptop is plugged in.

Told Dell Support I’d live with it after they offered yet another motherboard replacement. I just can’t right now with that. The XPS has decent battery life so I’m pretty ok with using the touchpad when the laptop is not plugged in and a mouse when it is.

I then started thinking about my wanting one of the new MacBook Pros and cooled my jets a little. As mentioned previously, the XPS is a very decent laptop when it’s working. Also, the new MacBook Pros are very expensive and it’s money I can’t justify spending right now.

In the end I opted for a minor (and much cheaper) compromise: I ordered two 32 GB sticks of G.SKILL DDR4 which will max out the RAM on the XPS. I have a year left on the Dell ProSupport Plus so I’m going to tough it out and if the issues get any worse than the current touchpad shenanigans, then I’m going to milk every last second of their time and resources.

I really believe that Support is the Achilles Heel for any company not named Apple.  I’m sorry, but the having Apple Stores puts them in a class by themselves.

A Special Place

I’ve decided to move my recent computer related rants over to the Dell section. This is supposed to be a blog about music and saving money. No one needs to read my tirades about this computer.

I’m going to continue to write about it, but they’re not going to be highlighted on the main page. If you’re curious as to what’s going on with my XPS, check the Dell section periodically.

Computer Update.

Got the XPS back from Dell on January 7. It works!

… except when I plug in the power adapter, then the touch pad stops working.

Logged a ticket on January 8.

January 10 I get a reply asking if I want to ship it to the Advanced Resolution Center. “It should only take 3-5 days.”

I let them know I just got this thing back from the Advanced Resolution Center and asked what other options there are.

In between all this, the touch pad starts randomly working while plugged in; maybe two out of every five attempts.

January 12 I get a reply asking if I want to have someone come to the house and replace the motherboard.

I take a deep breath and reply telling them the motherboard has been replaced twice now and that another motherboard seems like overkill. I tell them I’ll deal with it for now and open a new issue if it becomes completely unusable.

This is unfortunate because when it’s working, this XPS is a great machine. I just can’t get past the issues I’ve had in the past five months.

As with everything from Dell, it’s all turning into ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The Saga Continues

I Hate Dell

I’m worried this page is going to become nothing but an anti-Dell site.

Current XPS status: The tech showed up. The computer worked fine for him so he didn’t replace the motherboard. He updated the BIOS. We turned it on and off again more than a dozen times. It worked. I thanked him and he left. I worked on it for the rest of the afternoon. Turned the computer off. Later that evening I opened the lid…

It wouldn’t boot up. Same shit as before.

Called Dell. The guy on the phone was apologetic. I roasted his company a little.

Me: “You realize I am now doing my work on a ten year old Mac Mini?”

Him: “Wow, that must be slow.”

Me: “Sure, but it still turns on.”

On Christmas Eve, Dell shipped me a box. I packed up the XPS and dropped it off at Purolator.

Current Status: “A tech is fixing your computer. One or more parts are Delayed.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If I get this thing back and it acts up again, I’m going to take it outside and back over it with my car. More than once.

Moving Over Update: What’s The Cost?

I wrote a post last year talking about moving back to Windows after twelve or so year using Macs because it felt like Apple was starting to sell products that were very flawed for the money they were charging.

Early in the 2021, I got my hands on a Dell XPS and I gifted the ThinkPad to someone who needed a computer but didn’t have the disposable cash to buy one.

After a few weeks of use, I was telling anyone who would listen that the XPS was the best computer I’d ever used. There is, admittedly, a lot of design queues taken from Apple; the keyboard (pre-butterfly) and trackpad 1 are especially MacBook-ish. The build quality is pretty impressive, and the display is amazing.  Overall it was solid, stable and handled everything I threw at it.

Then things started going wrong.

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